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Friday, August 23, 2013

Drunken Peaches

              Summer peaches are still on my mind and I’m looking for different ways to incorporate this delightful fruit into as many recipes as I can before the season is over.
Versatility is one of their greatest attributes next to the delicious taste and wonderful texture of course.  The possibilities seem endless as they easily make their way into ice cream, baked goods, drinks, jam and so much more.
I was fully intending to post a recipe for Peach Scones this week but the peaches brought back memories that I had not thought of in a long while.
I remember a very simple peach preparation my parents enjoyed during the time of year when peaches were very much in abundance.  I don’t think I was able to fully appreciate then what I now consider a delightful, impromptu dessert at the end of the meal.  Only two ingredients required, a glass of homemade wine, usually red and a firm ripe peach. 
No special presentation, no complicated method or ingredients, no need for a fancy wine glass.  After dinner it was standard practice to enjoy some fruit as the finale to a good meal. 

My father would slice and place a peach into his glass, by no means a fancy glass, just the plain drinking glass used at dinner then drowned the peach slices with some of his homemade wine.  After a short wait allowing the peaches to soak in some of the wine he and my mother would enjoy the fruit of his labour.
Not being much of a wine drinker myself I was never interested in sampling it but remember being intrigued by the appearance of the beautiful peach slices submerged in the red wine.   Still not one who enjoys a glass of wine I decided to finally try this simple recipe…just ate the peaches though.
Food has a way of triggering life memories that would otherwise remain unvisited. The home I grew up in, the table where we shared dinner and events of the day and a time in our lives we thought would never end.
Drunken Peaches
1 to 2 ripe, firm peaches
enough favourite red wine to cover the peaches
  1. Wash, slice and add peaches into a glass.
  2. Pour wine over peaches to cover.
  3. Let stand for a few minutes before enjoying.
Notes, Tips and Suggestions
  • Use home made wine to preserve the authenticity of this recipe however if none is available use a favourite red wine.
  • White wine is perfectly acceptable to use. Why not?
  • Make sure peaches are firm for best results.


  1. thank you for bringing back some of my favorite memories, how many meals ended at my in laws table with a glass of wine and ripe peaches, like you it wasn't a favorite of mine but all the men in my family enjoyed this so much. I so miss those days with us all around the table spending precious time together, things are never really appreciated until they are no longer there, those were the time you thought would really never end.
    thanks again for my trip down memory lane with a few tears in my eyes.

    1. Bitter-sweet memories and all over a peach! All the same they are memories to be cherished and even passed down to the next generation.

      I thought to change the last line in my little story feeling sad that we sometimes are unable to cherish the time in which we live.
      On second thought it's a heart felt sentiment and I decided in the end not to make the change.

      We should make the best the present time knowing that these too shall pass and will become memories for our children and others in our lives.

      So glad we were able to share a memory!