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Friday, March 7, 2014

Roasted Asparagus and Mushrooms

 I get a little nervous trying a new recipe for dinner especially if there’s the slightest chance it may not turn out.  I’m more comfortable trying it the first time for myself, making any adjustments necessary then serving it with a little more confidence.
I came across a good side dish recipe a few weeks ago for Roasted  Asparagus and Mushrooms.  It looked delicious and so simple to make along with very positive reviews.  Into my “recipes to try out file” it went.
For a dinner side dish last week I was ready to boil the asparagus and saute the mushrooms as usual.  Almost persuaded to try the new recipe but decided to leave it for another time.
Time got the better of me that day and the fifteen minute roasting time and one pan cooking for the mushrooms and asparagus began to sound more and more appealing. Reluctantly I prepared the vegetables and placed them into the oven and would have forgotten they were in there had I not set the timer.
Fifteen minutes, one pan, deliciously caramelized mushrooms and sweet tender asparagus… you couldn’t ask for more!

Roasted Asparagus and Mushrooms

one bunch fresh asparagus
½ pound fresh mushrooms (halved or quartered depending on size of mushrooms)
about 2 tablespoons olive oil or enough to just coat the vegetables
2 sprigs fresh rosemary, minced.
salt and pepper to taste
  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.
  2. Trim tough lower stalks of asparagus, wash, drain and cut into about 3 inch pieces.
  3. Trim, half or quarter mushrooms depending on size. Don’t cut too small to prevent over cooking.
  4. Place vegetables in a baking pan big enough to spread them out into a single layer.
  5. Add olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary, toss until well coated.
  6. Spread them out into a single layer and roast until the asparagus is tender, about 15 minutes.
  7. Makes about 4 side servings.

Notes, Tips and Suggestions
  • I was pleasantly surprised at the delicious outcome of this recipe, glad I tried it. Mushrooms give off a lot of water during cooking but in 15 minutes managed to cook and caramelize as well if not better that sautéing.  Both lower stalks and tips of the asparagus cooked until tender.
  • Remember to keep the mushrooms a good size to prevent over cooking and drying out.
  • Rosemary gives a much stronger taste not appealing to all so I used thyme instead. I will experiment with other herbs next time I make this.
  • Once realized how good this is, it may make a whole lot less than 4 side servings!
  • Only one pan to wash, another recipe for my permanent file!
Leftover Delicious!
I had some asparagus and mushrooms left over from that night's dinner and cooked rice from a previous dinner.  Thoughts of a delicious Rice and Asparagus Frittata quickly came to mind.
The following day I put all the leftovers together added some eggs and grated cheese and made a delicious light lunch!


  1. I love recipes that have good "leftover value". Will have to try this. Can't wait for that first Ontario asparagus!

    1. I'm on the lookout for those Ontario asparagus as well. Hope the snow doesn't delay their arrival!

  2. I have been roasting asparagus for a few years now, its taste is amazing compared to steaming or boiling. I have never tried with mushrooms but I will now, sometimes I sprinkle a bit of seasoned breadcrumbs on when roasting to add a bit extra crunch.

    1. I think you will love the added mushrooms.
      Extra crunch sounds great!

    2. elizabeth, mother of a crying babyMarch 10, 2014 at 4:04 PM

      Oooh - I will try the breadcrumb idea. Do you think corn starch would do it too?

    3. e to the l to the i to the z...March 16, 2014 at 4:22 PM

      Oopsies - I meant corn MEAL not starch... though if anyone tried corn starch I'm sure they'd have an interesting result. My bad.