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Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Blog is Born

Congratulations, it’s a blog!

Finally, after weeks and even months of decision making, planning and the pain of being computer challenged, the time was approaching.
Coming up with the right name further delayed the delivery, nothing sounded quite right. It had to be something I felt comfortable with. Finally, quite incidentally I might add, it came to me.

A few weeks ago, my daughter Elizabeth told me that she woke up one morning to the sounds of me moving around in the kitchen downstairs.
This would be quite normal except for the fact that she has been married for the last year and a half and lives twenty minutes away. I thought it was kind of funny but must admit that I felt good about having instilled in her a memory that would be with her for a long time.

A few days later I was rattling around in the kitchen around 5:00 a.m. while my husband and son were still upstairs sleeping. I wondered how they could sleep through all the noise I was making. Well of course, they could tolerate the discomfort of a little noise at such an ungodly hour if the reward was a yummy breakfast and a focaccia or two to take for the days’ lunch.

At that moment I decided on the name. At my house someone is almost always in the kitchen.

That would be me.

In the days and months to come I hope to share some recipes that have become family favourites at my house throughout the years.

Someone’s in the kitchen…………………come on in!


  1. Hi Domenica!
    I just heard about your blog this afternoon and thought I'd stop by for a visit! Great recipes and I can't wait to try some! I think I'll start with Chicken Piccata :)
    Happy Blogging!